FREE Internet Marketing Video Tutorial Course

FREE Internet Marketing Video Course Featuing 57 Videos & Over 20 Hours Of Step-By-Step Tutorials And ‘How To’ Guides, Created To Teach The Beginner How To Make Money Online

You will also find many useful links, free downloads and tools to help you setup and run your own work from home business.

MODULE 1 – 13 Videos:


Day 1 – What Is Internet Marketing?
A general overview of Internet Marketing explaining exactly what it is and how you can use it to make money online.

Day 2 – Choosing A Niche
Learn what a niche market is, why they are important and how to choose a profitable one.

Day 3 – Affiliate Marketing
An introduction to affiliate marketing

Day 4 – ClickBank
An introduction to ClickBank focusing on ClickBank Stats and finding potentially profitable affiliate products

Day 5 – Domain Names & Hosting
How to buy & register a domain name and get a hosting account for your new web business

Day 6 – FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
In plain English…how to get your website online.

Day 7 – An Introduction To Kompozer
Kompozer – WYSIWYG Editor. Free website creation software.

Day 8 – Your First Squeeze Page
Creating your first squeezepage using Kompozer.

Day 9 – Creating An eCover
Learn how to create a FREE eCover using My Ecover Maker

Day 10 – Customising Your Squeeze Page Part 1
A detailed guide on how to customise your squeezepage – Part 1

MODULE 2 – 14 Videos:

Day 11 – Customising Your Squeeze Page Part 2
A more in-depth look at customising your squeezepage – Part 2

Day 12 – Customising Your Squeeze Page Part 3
A further guide to customising your squeezepage – Part 3

Day 13 – Autoresponders
An introduction to Autoresponders

Day 14 – Autoresponders (Continued…)
A closer look at Autoresponders, focusing on Aweber

Day 15 – Web Forms
How to get a fully functional webform onto our squeezepage

Day 16 – Split Testing & Analytics
The importance of split testing and analysing your web traffic, data & statistics

Day 17 – Creating A Product
How to create your own free or premium product

Day 18 – Creating A Video Squeezepage
Learn how to create your own video squeezepage

Day 19 – Creating An eBook
Learn how to create your own eBook

Day 20 – Affiliate Link Cloaking
Discover a FREE way to ‘cloak’ your affiliate links

MODULE 3 – 30 Videos:

Day 21 – Creating A Download Page
Learn how to create a nice-looking download page

Day 22 – Website Payment Processing
Discover how to take and process online payments

Day 23 – SEO & Site Submission
How to optimise your website & submit it to the search engines

Day 24 – Article Marketing
Using article marketing to generate free traffic for your website

Day 25 – Link Wheels
Learn how to create a traffic-generating ‘Link Wheel’

Day 26 – Forums & Digital Signatures
Generating traffic using online forums and the importance of digital signatures

Day 27 – Twitter
Understanding Twitter. How to setup an account, and use it to generate traffic for your web business. Free tools and background design (7 Videos)

Day 28 – YouTube
Learn how to setup and operate a YouTube account and use it to generate traffic. Also, find out how to upload and embed videos and perform vSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization). BONUS VIDEO – Design your own FREE YouTube background

Day 29 – Facebook Part 1
Create a Facebook personal profile, learn how to make quick and easy fan pages. Working with iframes and much much more…(7 Videos)

Day 30 – Facebook Part 2
Understanding Edgerank, further traffic generation techniques, adding social media buttons to your website and more…(5 Videos)

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