How to MAKE Money on the Internet

Last month I gave a completely uncensored talk at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus.

I spoke to a group of students in a creative thinking and business entrepreneurial class…

I told the group we could talk about whatever they want and I would literally tell them anything about me and my business.

Naturally how I make money in my business was a big topic during this 1.5 hour talk but there’s a lot of great information and the students asked some great questions.

This was a completely open and candid discussion and I pulled the curtain back on my business, answering EVERY single question they had.

This is the only way I know how to be, completely open and honest. I have nothing to hide and want to share everything I know to help as many people as possible. You need to know there are no secrets to being successful. Sometimes you get lucky but I firmly believe that you make your own luck.

I know this is a long video but if you take just one nugget of information and do something with it than it was well worth while. You have nothing to lose, go for it, make it happen.
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20 thoughts on “How to MAKE Money on the Internet

  1. hey man love the vid thank you…. I live in St Pete and im at a loss of what to do for $ … im very creative…. Im pl drums, piano, and sing, i draw, paint, build, sculpt…. I have 100+ inventions, I love to invent. I have many talents and don't give a shit about money …. I love science and learnig new thing but have no college education …. I am looking to assist in the progress of our species, I think $ or at least the Federal Reserve is a type of digression of our species (not currency in general). Would it be ok to come and talk to you sometime in person? My name is Jeff please shoot me an email toolbandits@yahoo

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